About us

The ErgoUP Leg Support is manufactured in the USA by ErgoUP located in Eugene, Oregon.

We started making this leg support nearly 5 years ago for clients of Oregon's Preferred Worker Program, which helps injured workers get back to work.

The demand for this unique product was overwhelming and now is available to purchase online and through select retail locations. The ErgoUP is now available in two sizes with a variety of seat fabric options.

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Excellent Customer Care

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our ErgoUP Office Leg Support.


I'm 6'4" and its hard to find ergonomic furniture to fit my stature.  I was relieved to find the extra tall option to make this work for me.

Big & Tall Solution

After surgery on my knee I needed to be able to get back to work sooner than my knee was fully healed.  The leg support allowed me to sit comfortably at my desk with my leg elevated.

No more knee problems!